It is actually possible to diminish the value of your home, including its market value and structural value, if it is not cleaned regularly. This aspect of your residence truly does affect its value in many ways. The way that you clean your house can also factor in. Most of us rely upon harsh chemicals to do our cleaning. This is not good. The structure of your home, as well as how healthy the people in the home will remain, definitely factors in. The best way to protect your family and home is to use green cleaning methods that work. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Do you still use paper towels when you clean? Knock it off! Paper towels and the environment don’t go together, and you have heard that for a long time. They are also terrible for your budget. Instead of using paper towels to clean up your messes, use cloth washcloths. You don’t have to buy them all the time like paper towels. Old t-shirts can be used to make them, or anything else in your closet that needs to be thrown away.

All they are is a cut down piece of clothing, so they can be cleaned the same way, when they become too dirty or start to smell. This can save you hundreds of dollars in your budget, along with reducing the trash in the landfills. Use pure lemon juice to clean vinyl items. This works equally well whether you are wiping down a vinyl piece of furniture (like those old recliners that were mass produced in the 1970s and 1980s) or are using it to mop your vinyl flooring. If you look in your kitchen, and your bathroom, you may notice that your floor is not made of expensive linoleum, but vinyl sheets that are cut into place and made to look like the real thing. Your vinyl surfaces will definitely become clean and shiny as the lemon juice takes care of microbes that you cannot see. It also smells really good!

Some hardwood floor cleaners are pretty harsh, and they don’t need to be. You can make your own out of olive oil and vinegar. When you use that mixture, you can eat off the floor it will be so clean. The mixture will be a certain ratio of one to the other, and that is determined by the type of wood.

Wooden furniture will clean up just as well as floors, with this mixture. Once you make the switch to green cleaners, you’ll never use harsh chemical cleaners again. Hopefully you have noticed, in this article, several ways to use green cleansers instead of toxic ones made of chemicals. Regardless of how much money you have to spend, any home improvement project that you do should begin with cleaning your house. The healthful choice to make is to go green! Simply avoid chemical cleansers and use natural ones to improve your home’s structural integrity. You can use these tips – get started right away!

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